A Truly Irish and British Thriller

The headline above, and the quote below are both from reviews of my novel Under The Bridge “Written for adult audiences, this thrilling novel explores class distinctions, nationality, identity, and the dynamics of power by combining historical and contemporary content for its mystery plot.” You can read the full reviews here https://jackbyrne.home.blog/under-the-bridge/ They mark theContinue reading “A Truly Irish and British Thriller”

The Irish ballad of John and Sean

‘Liverpool the capital of Ireland’ famous for its large Irish population and historic connections to the ‘Old Country’ is a popular and widely held image. In a lot of respects, this gives a false impression. Most people of Irish descent in Liverpool were defined by Catholicism, not Irish culture, history or politics. Irish identity wasContinue reading “The Irish ballad of John and Sean”

A long and winding road…

Writing is more than telling stories. For me it’s about working out what happened and why. Why did we become the people we are, why is our society the way it is? Hopefully explored in an interesting and engaging way. Leave your email to get updates or click the like and share buttons at theContinue reading “A long and winding road…”

The truth wrapped up in a lie.

That is what writing fiction is for me. This is a slight change in a quote from another author (Michael Scot). In telling a story we can sometimes get closer to and communicate the truth better than if we present a series of facts. If you subscribe to this blog you will get an audioContinue reading “The truth wrapped up in a lie.”