Speke Promenade. If only…

Does it sound like a fantasy? We will never know how close we came to it being a reality. The plan of Speke estate from 1937 at the Liverpool Records Office, shows a roundabout at Western Avenue, and a major road continuing right through to the shore. Tom who grew up in Speke has uploadedContinue reading “Speke Promenade. If only…”

Building Lives and Families Not Just Motorways

Wicklow, Rathnew and Garston in Liverpool have a long lasting connection, not one recognised by councils and authorities but one long know about among residents and families. The One Road is a collection of short stories you can download free here. https://jackbyrne.home.blog/ The stories set the scene for ‘Under The Bridge’ a novel that willContinue reading “Building Lives and Families Not Just Motorways”

A Day in the life…40 years from home.

Two songs a world apart, or are they? “He blew his mind out in a car.” The Beatles song A Day in The Life references the death of Tara Browne an Irish socialite, heir to the Guinness fortune, who had a house in Luggalo, County Wicklow and died in England in a car crash inContinue reading “A Day in the life…40 years from home.”

The world is burning…and Liverpool are on fire.

Below is the first chapter of the book I am currently working on, while trying to edit the last one, and query the first one with agents and publishers- Anyway I hope you enjoy this sneak preview – Chapter One The World is Burning January 7th 2020 Liverpool UK.   A voice rang out over theContinue reading “The world is burning…and Liverpool are on fire.”

Reading Catherine Cookson- The making of a Scouse militant.

The question ‘What made you a socialist?’ Was recently discussed on his Facebook page by a political activist and writer who was active in Liverpool. I was in and out of Liverpool, Sheffield, Oxford and Nottingham in fact wherever the IMG or its successors wanted people to move, there I would be..But back to theContinue reading “Reading Catherine Cookson- The making of a Scouse militant.”

Above us only sky

Paul arriving back at Liverpool Airport, just a couple of miles down the road was one of Paul’s favourite spots as a child, Oggy shore. Anyone who grew up in Speke, Liverpool knew it as a place to escape from the streets. Above is the 1930s art deco building I remember. As kids, we wouldContinue reading “Above us only sky”

From the Cast Iron Shore to a Glass Onion

By Radarsmum67 from Liverpool, UK. – A grey day on the Mersey., CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=85872474 Liverpool with its back to the land has always been the departure point to the West. From the slave trade to the millions of Irish emigrants who left through the port to cross the Atlantic. The trade route sawContinue reading “From the Cast Iron Shore to a Glass Onion”

Red or Blue-what does it mean for you?

The number one question any Scouser gets asked when outside Liverpool. Football and The Beatles are Liverpool’s claim to fame internationally and the tourist industry in the city is a combination of these draws. It might seem strange but the two things were rarely combined in real life. Until preparing for this post I hadContinue reading “Red or Blue-what does it mean for you?”