A Love Letter to Liverpool?

Liverpool based author SE Moorhead https://semoorhead.com/ called Under The Bridge ‘A love letter to Liverpool with a touch of the Peaky Blinders’. I really liked this line and I have used it a number of times, its even on the cover of the book. I have to admit the first time I saw it, theContinue reading “A Love Letter to Liverpool?”

The ebb and flow.

I’m back in Liverpool this week revisiting old friends and haunts. On the second day here I had to find the office of a publisher. It was cold and wet. I was walking the streets of the ‘Baltic Triangle’. This is a part of Liverpool between the town centre and The Dingle. Old warehouses andContinue reading “The ebb and flow.”

Walkways in The Sky

Walkways in the sky. Buurrr buurrr lips pursed, Harry blew out the trumpet sound of the last post. The wail of his voice was in mockery, not respect. The funeral was real, the death was real in Allerton cemetery grounds, the trumpet and tears were real. In the act of grieving for one of theirContinue reading “Walkways in The Sky”

A long and winding road…

Writing is more than telling stories. For me it’s about working out what happened and why. Why did we become the people we are, why is our society the way it is? Hopefully explored in an interesting and engaging way. Leave your email to get updates or click the like and share buttons at theContinue reading “A long and winding road…”

Chapter 8 Garston

Leave your email above, and enjoy below. Chapter 8 Garston from The Morning AfterJuly 3rd Friday 1981 Lunchtime “Does anyone know the way?” asked Macca “Yeah, I do, my nan lived here.” Vinny led the way as they scrambled up from the shore. The road in front of them was at the back of theContinue reading “Chapter 8 Garston”