A long and winding road…

Writing is more than telling stories. For me it’s about working out what happened and why. Why did we become the people we are, why is our society the way it is? Hopefully explored in an interesting and engaging way.

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If am not able to get an agent or publisher in 2020 then I have two novels ready to self publish in January 2021.

The first is Under the Bridge, set mainly in Garston. The second The Morning After is set in Speke, Liverpool. If you want to be part of a small team of readers to read an early draft before it is published leave your email address in the subscribe box above. Below is a review by an editor.

The Morning After, by Jack Byrne – Review

Vinny, a history professor, escapes his old neighborhood Speke and old life, distancing himself from bitter memories. But a secret he, Sammo, and Macca vowed to keep, would shackle him emotionally to a life changing day as kids, involving the theft of a pocket watch, and an old man’s death.

Sammo is found dead after a long battle with PTSD and drugs, but his death is questionable, and with it, the past steps into the present. In his quest to find out what happened to Sammo, Vinny uncovers more than he wants to know. Along with the watch, Sammo leaves detailed letters and a recorded message for Vinny, which holds the key to Sammo’s death and challenges Vinny do what is right, accept who he is, and finally, let go of the secret he holds.

I very much enjoyed reading The Morning After written by Jack Byrne. The setting is clearly defined, and the characters well-developed. The storyline flows smoothly and is packed with internal and external conflicts urging the reader to flip the pages to discover what happens next. The ending is a twist that highlights Vinny’s actions and the challenges he is faced with.


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One thought on “A long and winding road…

  1. I’d love yo read both your books but especially the morning after, I lived in Speke, Rycot Rd and went to Speke Comp thanks for your time mandy x


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