A Truly Irish and British Thriller

The headline above, and the quote below are both from reviews of my novel Under The Bridge

“Written for adult audiences, this thrilling novel explores class distinctions, nationality, identity, and the dynamics of power by combining historical and contemporary content for its mystery plot.”

You can read the full reviews here https://jackbyrne.home.blog/under-the-bridge/

They mark the achievement of my first goal, to write a complete novel. I have actually done it twice now, both Under The Bridge and The Morning After are complete novels and were awarded 5 Stars by the editorial review service Readers Favorite.

At the age of sixteen or seventeen I remember briefly thinking about writing a biography of my dad. It was a bit of a strange idea, my dad was a painter and decorator born in Wicklow who moved to Liverpool at around nineteen, of course very few people would be interested in reading about his unremarkable life. His life may have been unremarkable, but the times through which he lived, and the movement of which he was a part, were not.

My dad was part of a generation of Irish migrants after the second world war who have had a huge impact on the life and culture of the UK. See any of my previous posts from Robert Noonan, through to the Beatles, and The La’s, politics, culture and sport have all been impacted by this wave.

My family lived through those changes, so this is partly our story, and partly the story of the city we lived in and the country we left.

A long and winding road was the title of one of my first blog posts, it was about the road to publication. At the moment I am at a bit of a crossroads, I was due to self publish my novel The Morning After on August 31st on Amazon. Two publishers have indicated they are considering my work for publication, while it is entirely possible that both will ultimately decide my work is not for them, at the moment I am sitting at the crossroads waiting to see if I have any roads open.

Either way my books will end up in print and I am moving closer to being able to write full time. Around 80% of the first draft of the third book in the series is complete, I hope to have it fully finished and redrafted, edited and ready for publication by January 2021. I have a book of short stories available on Amazon for those who want to buy it – to help support my writing.

Those who can’t afford it can download it free from here. jackbyrnehome.files.wordpress.com/2020/0

Back to the biography of my dad – His life informs every page of Under The Bridge and Wicklow Boys – not so unremarkable after all.

I really appreciate the support I have received and if you want to help- like and share this blog to help build an audience.

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