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Thanks for visiting my page. The aim of this page is to let you know what I am working on and allow you to tell me what you think.

I was born and raised in Speke Liverpool, although my parents first lived ‘Under The Bridge’ in Garston, and all my family goes back to Wicklow in Ireland.

The Liverpool Mystery series will be four novels, three books; Under The Bridge, The Morning After, and Fire Next Time are finished. Under The Bridge will be published in Feb 2021 and I hope at least one more will follow later in the year. I am writing The Wicklow Boys now, and I hope to finish it next year.

My writing like my blog is about the lives of working people and how they relate to society as a whole.

My collection of short stories The One Road is available below click to see detailshttps://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08C96QVGH.

If you are skint and can’t afford this book, no problem email me and I will send you an electronic version. jack.byrne.writer@gmail.com. If you can afford it- buy it.

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What People Say

Under the Bridge by Jack Byrne – Review

Anne and Vinny are friends, but that doesn’t last long. They enter into a relationship that merges their personal and professional lives.

Anne, a young and ambitious journalist, receives her first assignment. She is to report on a recent event, the unearthed human remains of a male, at a construction site. Soon, Anne receives threats to cease the investigation but does not heed the warning. Her tenacity and drive push her forward to find the answer.

Vinny, a history graduate, is plagued with the need to expose Liverpool’s historical truth to right wrongs committed in the past, so people don’t repeat mistakes. What he would come to realize, he was searching for who he is, his identity all along.

Their quest to seek the truth cross paths when Anne suspects the body is that of Vinny’s father while Vinny uncovers the dark secrets that ended his father’s life.

Mr. Jack Byrne’s Under the Bridge is a page-turner packed with excitement. The setting is Liverpool and spans decades as the story unfolds, taking the reader into the depth of its history. The plot is well defined and easy to follow, with many thought-provoking experiences. The characters are well-developed so much so, the reader is drawn into their thinking and actions.

The Morning After, by Jack Byrne – Review

Vinny, a history professor, escapes his old neighborhood and old life, distancing himself from bitter memories. But a secret he, Sammo, and Macca vowed to keep, would shackle him emotionally to life changing day as kids, involving the theft of a pocket watch, and an old man’s death.

Sammo is found dead after a long battle with PTSD and drugs, but his death is questionable, and with it, the past steps into the present. In his quest to find out what happened to Sammo, Vinny uncovers more than he wants to know. Along with the watch, Sammo leaves detailed letters and a recorded message for Vinny, which holds the key to Sammo’s death and challenges Vinny do what is right, accept who he is, and finally, let go of the secret he holds.

I very much enjoyed reading The Morning After written by Jack Byrne. The setting is clearly defined, and the characters well-developed. The storyline flows smoothly and is packed with internal and external conflicts urging the reader to flip the pages to discover what happens next. The ending is a twist that highlights Vinny’s actions as to the challenges he is presented with.

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