A Day in the life…40 years from home.

Two songs a world apart, or are they? “He blew his mind out in a car.” The Beatles song A Day in The Life references the death of Tara Browne an Irish socialite, heir to the Guinness fortune, who had a house in Luggalo, County Wicklow and died in England in a car crash inContinue reading “A Day in the life…40 years from home.”

From the Cast Iron Shore to a Glass Onion

By Radarsmum67 from Liverpool, UK. – A grey day on the Mersey., CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=85872474 Liverpool with its back to the land has always been the departure point to the West. From the slave trade to the millions of Irish emigrants who left through the port to cross the Atlantic. The trade route sawContinue reading “From the Cast Iron Shore to a Glass Onion”

Red or Blue-what does it mean for you?

The number one question any Scouser gets asked when outside Liverpool. Football and The Beatles are Liverpool’s claim to fame internationally and the tourist industry in the city is a combination of these draws. It might seem strange but the two things were rarely combined in real life. Until preparing for this post I hadContinue reading “Red or Blue-what does it mean for you?”

All Together Now

Covid-19 All in it together – Wishful thinking or reality? The Beatles All Together now recorded in 1967 and released in 1972 is a feel-good tune, expressing peace and love for everyone. Help build the audience for this blog =leave your email- or tag a friend- like and share All Together Now released by LiverpoolContinue reading “All Together Now”

Imagine- A working class hero

Subscribe free -Why wouldn’t you? Leave your email below. I remember as a kid, one particular afternoon playing two records over and over again. A working class hero by John Lennon and Ben by Michael Jackson. With Ben the attraction was the purity of the soaring vocals and of course the idea of loyalty despiteContinue reading “Imagine- A working class hero”

Give Ireland Back to The Irish-Fear and Loathing in Liverpool.

Paul McCartney’s first single with Wings in 1972 ‘Give Ireland Back to The Irish’ shortly after the Bloody Sunday shootings of innocent demonstrators in Derry in Northern Ireland, was an act of protest, and built on the musical legacy of Liverpool. https://jackbyrne.home.blog/2020/03/19/do-you-know-liverpool-lou/ Liverpool Lou written and performed by Dominic Behan is an expression of thisContinue reading “Give Ireland Back to The Irish-Fear and Loathing in Liverpool.”

Come Together – Covid19 Social Distancing and Social Solidarity?

John Lennon began the song for Timothy Leary a US liberal radical in an election against Ronald Reagan. The Reagan/Thatcher axis and neo-liberalism sought to minimise the state as a tool used to change society to help people, like building the NHS and education system etc to an instrument to maximise the conditions for profit.Continue reading “Come Together – Covid19 Social Distancing and Social Solidarity?”

Day Tripper- Do you know the name of the shore?

Jam butties and lemonade, my mam, auntie Lilly, and a gang of kids down by the river. An experience many of us shared growing up like Paul in Speke. But what was the name of the Shore? Locals will know it – but a real teaser for those not from the area. If you don’tContinue reading “Day Tripper- Do you know the name of the shore?”