Follow the link for your Free Ebook Download. Sun 5th July

You have until midnight Sunday the 5th of July to get your free kindle ebook from AmazonA dark comedy, a buddy story, and a road trip all in one. If you get the amazon kindle version you can leave a review which will be great for me. It can be just a couple of linesContinue reading “Follow the link for your Free Ebook Download. Sun 5th July”

A Day in the life…40 years from home.

Two songs a world apart, or are they? “He blew his mind out in a car.” The Beatles song A Day in The Life references the death of Tara Browne an Irish socialite, heir to the Guinness fortune, who had a house in Luggalo, County Wicklow and died in England in a car crash inContinue reading “A Day in the life…40 years from home.”

Speke Hall- A Scary Future?

Speke Hall was a place of adventure and escape for kids from the Speke estate, encapsulating the split personality of Speke, on one side the factories, Fords, Standard Triumph, Evans Medical, Metal Box, and Dunlops. On the other side the river, farmers fields and the distinctly rural feel of Hale village, a weird combination thatContinue reading “Speke Hall- A Scary Future?”