Why you should listen to The Irish Stew podcast.

https://www.irishstewpodcast.com/blog/why-you-should-listen-to-jack-byrne/ On Christmas Eve 2020,  Jack Byrne reached out to see if we’d be interested in doing an episode on his upcoming book. We had only launched the podcast in October and were chuffed that anyone would actually ask to come on the Stew. Things have changed 40 episodes later, much to our delight. AuthorsContinue reading “Why you should listen to The Irish Stew podcast.”

The One Road – Fiction For Fighting Back

This collection of short stories is reduced to just 99P – Buy and leave a star rating on Amazon. TheOne Road by Jack Byrne is a gripping collection of stories, beginning with the title piece. Death, abuse, regret, identity, prejudice, and redemption, the individuals here are part of a larger story of a nation comingContinue reading “The One Road – Fiction For Fighting Back”