Celebrate St Patrick’s day with Liverpool writer Jack Byrne

Jack Byrne, born and raised in Speke of Irish parents and grandparents is charting the life and times of the city’s Irish community in his novels. His first book Under The Bridge set in Garston from the 1950’s to 2000s was called a ‘Love letter to Liverpool with a touch of Peaky Blinders’ by fellow author S E Moorhead.

His latest novel the second in a series of three, Across The Water is set between Liverpool and Ireland from the 1970s to 2010. The book will be launched on March 17th by Northodox Press.

Ted O’Connor, editorial director of Northodox commented: “We were thrilled to take on Book Two in the Liverpool Mystery series, reconnecting with characters, Vinny and Anne as the investigation continues in Ireland. A timely and emotional search into Irish history and the effects of the diaspora. Jack is an exceptional talent and a born storyteller.”

This second in the series explores the links between Liverpool and Ireland in 1974, including the role of security services in Trade Union struggles in Halewood. History proffessor Vinny and his partner Anne visit Ireland, determined to find out the truth about how Vinny’s father died – but someone is trying to stop them. Two narratives, forty years apart, explore the relationship between the English, the Irish and the Anglo-Irish.

Under the Bridge, the first in the series, was described as “a tense thriller that unfolds beautifully” by author, journalist and former football editor for The Times, Tony Evans.

Bob Stone, Bookseller and owner of Liverpool independent book store WriteBlend said it was an “assured debut… and…an intriguing mystery, spanning decades of Liverpool’s history.”

Hope Road Publishing author, Leo Zelig, called it “powerful, radical and engaging fiction.”

Byrne commented: “I am excited that Northodox Press are continuing the Liverpool Mystery series with the second book Across the Water, a thriller set in South Liverpool.



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