Save Oglet Shore

Liverpool John Lennon Airport have published their Masterplan for the greenbelt land around their site. The Airport only received 190 responses and 138 people answered their very biased questionnaire.

Our petition is asking both local councils to:

* Oppose the expansion of Liverpool airport

* Stop the closure of Dungeon Lane and Ashton’s Lane

* Retain the shore as a recreational resource

* Protect, preserve and retain access to historic elements ie Yew Tree Farm, Oglet Farm and the Dungeon Salt Works and Quay

* Retain existing greenbelt land under both councils

* Preserve the existing wildlife habitats

Why is this important?

The Oglet Shore, (Anglo Saxon, “oak by the water”) runs North West from Dungeon Lane, up to the Airport light gantry and almost to the bund or earth mound that separates Speke Hall from the runway.

It is an SSSI, SPA and Ramsar site of international importance for the wetland birds that live there. The fields that lie between the airport runway and the shore are designated Greenbelt and grade one agricultural land and maybe the last truly rural area in Liverpool.

Yet this beautiful area, with its woods, ponds and streams, home to bats, owls and many Red list, endangered farmland birds, and a vital habitat in an increasingly built up area, is due to disappear under concrete if the loss making Liverpool airport development goes ahead. Many historic buildings have already been demolished and more are planned.

In an area where open land is being rapidly being sold for housing, there are decreasing numbers of places for the community to relax and enjoy the environment.

Peel Holdings who own the airport land, have proposed relocating habitats, but with the planned construction of 10,700 new houses between Halebank and Speke, it is difficult to see where this would be.

Liverpool Council have pledged to protect our parks and green spaces and also have duty to protect and preserve this important coastal habitat, so why threaten it in the vain hope the airport will become profitable?

Sign the petition below.

One response to “Save Oglet Shore”

  1. Valerie nash Avatar
    Valerie nash

    I was born under the bridge dale view and all my grand family lived in the cottages down oglet lane name leadbetter

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