You kidding lad? Responding to The Responder

The Responder is a five-part BBC series set in Liverpool. The series follows Chris Carson a police officer struggling with psychological and family issues and a deteriorating work situation. I really didn’t like the start of this series, partly because it was set in Liverpool and it showed a mix of drug dealers, users, andContinue reading “You kidding lad? Responding to The Responder”

Save Oglet Shore

Liverpool John Lennon Airport have published their Masterplan for the greenbelt land around their site. The Airport only received 190 responses and 138 people answered their very biased questionnaire. Our petition is asking both local councils to: * Oppose the expansion of Liverpool airport * Stop the closure of Dungeon Lane and Ashton’s Lane *Continue reading “Save Oglet Shore”

Where was Britain’s First Mosque?

It’s a weird thing. I’ve always known that Brougham terrace existed but never been there. It was one of those reference points, a name that always felt familiar. Wherever I was in the UK or abroad and I needed my birth certificate, I could never find it, and my mum would make the journey toContinue reading “Where was Britain’s First Mosque?”

One of The Untold Stories of how the Irish Built England

This was a twitter thread that Fiona@GenXBanshee graciously allowed me to repost. Growing up, my father always insisted that we stop by this pub when back in Ireland. It was non-negotiable— even when keeping our heads ducked low for a covert visit to avoid 1,000 cups of tea with a hundred relatives, we had toContinue reading “One of The Untold Stories of how the Irish Built England”