New Edition- On Amazon now.

This is the new cover for The One Road a collection of short stories from the world of The Liverpool Mysteries.

If you liked Under The Bridge you will like this.

A dark comedy, a buddy story, and a road trip all in one. The opening story in this collection follows Vinny, Kevin, and a mourning family from Liverpool on a journey to Wales to bury a friend. What should be a simple trip turns into something much darker.

A cross between Roddy Doyle and Ken Follett, this political storytelling meets you wherever you are on life’s journey, and stays with you.

“The One Road is the second book I have read by Jack Byrne. He has an uncanny ability to draw the reader into the story Personally, I can’t wait to get into the next one.” ***** 5 stars

“I really enjoyed each story just wish there was more,” ***** 5 stars

“Well written and easy to read stories, that look at life about recognisable characters that you can empathise with.” **** 4 stars

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