So good they closed them down.

In my book Under The Bridge, Vinny and Anne are talking, she’s picked him up from Huskisson St in Liverpool Eight and is driving him to Garston. She pulled out into the street, moved up the gears, slowed, and turned into Catherine Street.  As they moved through the lights into Princes Avenue, Vinny asked, ‚ÄúRememberContinue reading “So good they closed them down.”

Building Lives and Families Not Just Motorways

Wicklow, Rathnew and Garston in Liverpool have a long lasting connection, not one recognised by councils and authorities but one long know about among residents and families. The One Road is a collection of short stories you can download free here. The stories set the scene for ‘Under The Bridge’ a novel that willContinue reading “Building Lives and Families Not Just Motorways”