Chickens coming home to roost.

This is one of the most famous political remarks in modern history. It was used by Malcolm X in 1963 when he was in the Nation of Islam but finding it increasingly difficult to remain outside of politics. He was ordered by the leader of the Nation not to comment on Kennedy’s assassination, instead of remaining silent he made the famous comment that he was not at all surprised by;

“The chickens coming home to roost,” and that, “he was always glad when chickens come home.”

Malcolm referenced the violence inflicted on Vietnam and Cuba by the USA.

So the basic idea was if you put violence out there in the world, don’t be surprised when it comes back at you.

My dad was Irish, from Wicklow, he arrived in this country in the aftermath of the second world war. He was an immigrant- he didn’t come in a dingy – because he was allowed to come on a ferry.

If I pointed out that he was an immigrant, he would scoff and cough, and say it was different then, maybe he would use the Muslim argument. If I pointed out that Catholics were also seen as enemies of the state for hundreds of years, that is why the royal family still can’t marry one, he would move on to culture – I liked this because it allowed me to tell the one joke of which I am proud- I would say the women dressed head to toe in black, even their hair covered, devoted to god, so religious that lots of them even avoid speaking to men- he would agree- then I would say those bloody nuns are weird.

But at least they should accept the customs and traditions here- “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.’ was the final card.

Yeah like the English did in Ireland? Or India?

I always find it disappointing when victims of oppression and ideology, in turn, victimise others, but it is not new and it won’t stop because these people are recruited to support an ideology that blames anyone else – except the Tory government responsible- After ten years of austerity – does anyone really believe the lack of school or hospital places is down to asylum seekers? Or that the tens of thousands of people surviving on food banks is because 4,000 or 8,000 people will arrive on our shores seeking asylum?

So apart from the reality that they are coming here because we were there (we as Empire, UK)

The truth is until we connect with humanity, across race, ethnicity, and culture then we will allow some people to drown (different supposed race) other people to go hungry or homeless (same ethnicity but not hard workers like us).

Because ‘our culture and economy is under attack’ ‘these people are taking what is ours’

Until you break with the ‘we’ in British, or ‘ours’ in English, then you will be ripped off, abused and taken for fools by people like Boris.

The ‘we’ are working people of whatever colour, religion or race, the ‘ours’ is a class – You have more in common with the people in the dinghies than you do with Boris or any of the rulers of the UK, if you don’t believe me, see what happens when your business fails, or you are made redundant, or can’t afford the mortgage. See how long you are included in the ‘we’ then.

The economic and social consequences of COVID 19 pandemic are still not clear- economically we can expect huge disruption, and when it happens you can bet the Tories, The Mail, The Express and The Sun echoed by the BBC will point the finger at refugees.

We will need truth-tellers like Malcolm who are not afraid to call things for what they are and cut through the bullshit.

If you haven’t yet- do yourself a favour read the autobiography of Malcolm X


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