Laughter and nibbles while people die alone.

The Xmas party that wasn’t, is just the latest in a long line of lies, but it is also the logical conclusion of an ideology that said, ‘There is no such thing as society.’ Margaret Thatcher the hero of the Conservative Party said this in 1987, but the principle was evident in her attitude fromContinue reading “Laughter and nibbles while people die alone.”

Being Irish- The Ghost In The Room

‘Being Irish’ will be published in two weeks, it is a collection of personal reflections on nationality by 101 figures from Ireland and abroad. My contribution is below- Can you support us by joining us for an online chat online on 25th Oct . Click the link to reserve your free ticket My IrishnessContinue reading “Being Irish- The Ghost In The Room”

Liverpool Irish Festival

Join authors Greg Queiry and Jack Byrne for a conversation about the image -and reality- of the Irish Community in Liverpool. Using their publications as reference, they’ll discuss the myths and reality of the city nicknamed ‘Ireland’s second capital’. Greg’s history book, In Hardship and Hope (G&K Publishing, 2017), charts the earliest development of the Irish inContinue reading “Liverpool Irish Festival”

‘The Wicklow Boys’ or ‘Across The Water’?

It’s been a long and winding road. That overused phrase is a good fit for the journey to the publication of my second novel. Nothing is agreed yet so the road can disappear over the horizon. While looking for a publisher and agent for Under The Bridge I took the online advice to start anotherContinue reading “‘The Wicklow Boys’ or ‘Across The Water’?”

Jack Byrne writer and international footballer?

Who doesn’t love a bit chicken? So when I got an email asking if I liked Nando’s, I was curious as to why they were asking… but I replied of course I liked it. Then I got an email from the CEO of Nando’s Ireland; Hey Jack, How’s it going? Hope you don’t mind meContinue reading “Jack Byrne writer and international footballer?”